Spotify Wrapped: 2020 Edition

I thought this was worth highlighting from my listening statistics for this year.

No surprise there. I discovered her work in April and became a huge fan over the course of the year, as I mentioned once before.

But in the top 0.05% of listeners?

That surprised me a little.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that I am the NUMBER ONE Blossom Dearie fan on Spotify. I don’t think that anybody will dispute me on that.


I also “discovered” this song. People are always trying to copy me. Thank you, Spotify, for pointing out that I am a trend setter, cool hunter, and arbiter of taste. I always thought as much.

1,491 minutes. That’s just a little over 24 hours — one full day of listening. I wonder which day of 2020 should count as Blossom day? Not a bad tribute to a superb performer; another one of my favorites that I’ll never get to see live.