→ The Tobyblog Thanksgiving Special

After taking some time off to contemplate the overwhelming success of my Burger King poop tweet*, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

In truth October is always a busy month for us and I don’t have much spare time for blogging. This past Halloween was without a doubt the best yet, but I’ll save that retrospective for another day. For today we find ourselves at the end of November, as grand a month as any. November is when fall really kicks in North Texas, and although it wasn’t much compared to the gorgeous fall of 2013, we still managed to get some decent color in a few spots. November to me means the start of prime geocaching season, the arrival of a certain coffee chain’s special Thanksgiving blend, (something I genuinely anticipate all year), and most of all our sumptuous Thanksgiving feast, lovingly prepared by my very talented wife. Thanksgiving is a fine holiday, too often neglected these days.

It is a real American holiday, in the truest and best sense.

I hadn’t intended at the start of my little vacation to do a Thanksgiving special. That was TheVCubeSolver’s idea. But I thought it was a good one. And next year we may do a Christmas Special — who knows? I hope you like it. It’s got some outdoors, some indoors, some geocaching, some product reviews, and a very special guest cooking segment by my brother Randy as he cooks up a mess of deer balls.


And Happy Thanksgiving!

(* See Twitter)

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