→ The Tobyblog Halloween Special

I love Halloween. You do, too. This video is a tribute to that season, to every memory and every thrill. To cold autumn nights. To the warm glow of jack o’ lanterns. To spooky stories and cozy evenings. To every bit of magic and adventure in our lives.

This is the story of Halloween 2013 as we experienced it; what has gone down in our lives and memories as THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER. See TheVCubeSolver and I review some spooky sparkly sodas. Thrills! Listen to me ramble on about my pumpkin carving kit. Ooh! Chills! Take a peek at the dark miracle that is the Little Elm Halloween Festival. Bigger and better than ever this year!

The Tobyblog Halloween special has sights and sounds!

The Tobyblog Halloween special has scares and delights!

The Tobyblog Halloween special will make you laugh and make you cry!

The Tobyblog Halloween Special is a family celebration. Enjoy.

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