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This video is something of a personal achievement, having been now just under two years in the making, and passing, as it does, yet another milestone in the revitalization of this little blog. Yeah, I know, that’s sort of a grandiose way to introduce a video where I discuss the merits of quail eggs and potato chips with friends and family, but there we are. It means something to me — hard to quantify — to be active on the site again. Time slips away from us so fast.

Maybe it’s just that time of year, but I find myself in a contemplative mood tonight.

Part of the reason I took up this little adventure in the first place was that I saw the value in capturing these moments. I know they’ll be important for later.

You tune in for the straight dope on Texas versus Louisiana quail eggs. (Who has the better take?)

You tune in for the verdict on Zapp’s Voodoo Heat potato chips. (Are they kicked up to notches unknown? Or all too known?)

You tune in for the word on Swamp Pop’s strawberry soda, Pop Rouge. (I think I used to live down the street from that guy.)

I tune in for a glimpse of my son at 16 years old. An old friend too long away. A summer day gone by. That’s the essence of real nostalgia, right? It’s always personal.


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