Nine Useless Jack O' Lantern Templates

Most of these were taken from the huge catalog of templates over at, the vast majority of which are pretty cool and definitely not useless.

#9. Joker Joaquin Phoenix

Not a bad idea, but it already looks like you messed it up.

#8. Boo-Tay

This should not ever be done, for any reason.

#7. Frank Sinatra Stein

Ok. But why?

#6. Two Youts

Just because the judge from My Cousin Vinny was the same guy who played Herman Munster does not give this jack o’ lantern a reason to exist.

5. Kim Jong Un

Scary? Some kind of political statement? North Korean propaganda? What the hell is this.

#4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Are you scared yet? Because not even Halloween is safe from the RBG promotional juggernaut. You wanted your spooky time free of tiresome political posturing? Well she just dropped a dissenting opinion on your ass.

#3. Harvey Milk

When you like #4, and you’re gay.

#2. Keith Olbermann

When you like #4, and you really want your house covered in toilet paper.

#1. Pope Francis

Just don’t. Surely this has to be at the intersectional nexus of every single category of bad idea. Your Halloween and your Catholicism are now forever lamer.