Dream Log: A New House

I woke up from a vivid dream this morning. I’d just arrived home from a business trip to California, and Kassi was very excited to show me the changes that had been made to our neighborhood in my absence. Everyone had gotten a new house, it seems, and the neighborhood itself had been newly laid out, and its boundaries expanded. Our house had been moved to the backside of the neighborhood by the creek, and the wooded area around the creek had been developed, so that our house, instead of looking out onto a wooded ravine as it would currently, was now at a “T” intersection in the middle of the larger neighborhood. We no longer had a detached house, but rather a San Francisco-style tall, narrow townhome. It was tall, three stories, and its paneled exterior was colored a light and cheery yellow. I was a little skeptical about the new floor plan, but Kassi assured me that it was well laid out on the inside and I was going to really love the changes.

She took me by the hand and led me into the house. I walked in on the dining room, where a large and heavy wooden rectangular table, large enough to seat eight, four to a side, dominated the space. To the left of the table against the wall was a flight of stairs, and to the right were two bathrooms, identically laid out, with chrome and silver hardware. Across the table from where I stood was the entrance to the kitchen, and beyond that at the back of the house was a smaller breakfast nook and living room. I could see through the open door windows looking out into the backyard. The whole thing had a sunny lightness, but the impression was more formal and sparsely decorated than our current home.

The wooden table was about six inches thick and very heavy. The color of the wood was an ashen gray or very light brown. An equally formidable bookshelf was situated to the left of the table against the stairs, and rose to about fifteen feet. On top of the shelf was perched some additional wooden blocks, which were intended to serve as a bed. Adjoining the shelf was a kind of rollaway ladder, which I used to climb to the top and try out the makeshift bed of wooden blocks. It seemed too high and dangerous, so I cautiously climbed down from there and rolled the stairs back to the boys’ bedroom, which was situated next to the dining room, just under and past the stairs. The boys had identical queen sized beds separated by a shared nightstand.

At that point I was wakened by my alarm. The overall impression left by the dream was very positive. There are of course many details that are significant to me, and I think the interpretation is pretty clear, except for a few interesting details. Architecture and houses are a constant recurring theme of significance in my dreams, and have been for all my life. I wonder if it’s the same for most folks.

Is it for you?