Brown Noise Tracks for Intense Focus

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the need to maintain a greater focus in my work and study. I find brown noise to be good way of filtering out distractions, to allow the mind to concentrate on a task. Brown noise tends to sit at a lower frequency than white noise, so the sound is deeper and more meditative.

Here are some tracks that I like. Use headphones to get the most out of these.

Very low, like a muffled waterfall from a distance. Very good track.

This one’s just a little higher because it has some pink noise mixed in.

Not sure what “smoothed” means in this context, but this one sounds a little more airy, more “awake.”

I spend a lot of time on planes these days, so maybe I’ve grown fond of the sound. There are lots of airplane cabin noise videos on YouTube, but I like this one because it’s low and clean; without ambient passenger and crew noise, or noticeable engine hum.

The deepest track in this set. You’ll need to crank volume way up, or else use a good pair of headphones. For intense concentration or imaginative thought.

Has a little bit of “wind passing through a pipe” mixed in. You can pretend you’re relaxing with Picard in your Ready Room, I suppose.

This is basically just white noise and fans, a little higher pitched, but surprisingly listenable.

What kinds of things do you like to listen to while you work?