Top 10 Review the World Episodes of 2015-2016

It’s that time of year again folks, that magical time between Christmas and New Year where thoughtful commentators like myself come out with their end of year retrospectives; and continuing a tradition I established a couple of years back on this site, I intend to give you my take on the best of my buddy Brian Hammons’ output over on the internet’s most beloved nostalgia blog,

You can catch up on previous years’ content by taking a look at my other lists:

So without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are my pics for the top 10 episodes of the 2015-2016 season.

#10: RtW Makes “Dark Outries” Snack

Brian and Carolina buddies DJD of Dark Entries Goth Radio and Will of come up with a supposedly tasty little hors d’oeuvre dish as they kick back in the CoD HQ and prepare for a weekend retro nerd debauchery. Have you made your Dark Outries yet?

Do you even know what a Dark Outrie is yet?

#9: Texas Taco Challenge: Taco Naan vs. Fuel City Taco…

What do you know? I happen to guest star in this one, along with TheVCubeSolver, who (I realize now) has grown an amazing amount since this vid was filmed. The time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? This was a fun couple of spots to film and features some of my favorite DFW cuisine. And I know Brian enjoyed the hell out of this one, as he has not stopped mentioning Fuel City to this day. Just watching makes me hungry.

#8: Snapple Fall Spice Tea

The trees are budding out, the birds are singing, but Brian and Nick are reviewing this fall flavor that reminds you of your grandma’s toilet. A dud of a flavor, but some very cool outdoor scenery makes you crave that feeling of early spring.

#7: Guide to Goosebumps #2

The only written blog article included in our list, this second installment of the Guide to Goosebumps series sees Brian and I hitting our stride and reviewing some of our most iconic episodes.

6: Pringles Hot Diggity Dog Chips

Brian and Nick do some serious walking and talking around the old neighborhood trying to decipher this Weiner-colored can full of mustard-y Pringles. A solid and classic Brian-and-Nick review.

#5: Kool-Aid Great Bluedini

One of the true highlights of the 2015 season, this energetic and spirited review overflows with nostalgic goodness, as Brian tackles one of his favorite 90s Kool Aid flavors.

#4: Original New York Seltzer Sodas

In the year of the Crystal Pepsi revival, Brian filmed a rare epic-length review covering five flavors of Original New York Seltzer sodas, all sent to him by yours truly. The beautiful Hamiltonian outdoor scenery as well as Brian and Nick’s unique takes on these surprising flavors makes this one a must see.

#3: Angilo’s Pizza

Restaurant reviews are unfortunately pretty rare these days on RtW, so this sit down food review was a welcome change of pace, covering some genuinely tasty looking eats and a bit of RtW history.

#2: Jones Soda 2015 Easter Flavors

The first video review from Hamilton of 2015, this one features some electric Easter sodas and some even higher energy reviewing, as Nick and Brian deliver an exhilarating return to form in the new year. They still got it.

#1: ONYS Seltzer Sodas: The Sequel

In what might be one of the best, funniest, and most energized Nick and Brian reviews of all time, the boys cover three additional flavors they missed from the ONYS lineup, delivered to them straight from corporate HQ! In return, the boys deliver an honest but enthusiastic review with Hamilton urban scenery as a backdrop. You can’t wait to find out what’s next in this one, and what these guys are gonna think about it. Very compelling.

Hope you guys enjoy, and check out the back catalog over on!