August into December at the Holiday Warehouse

Mr. Pumpkin

The [Holiday Warehouse" src=“ is a largish, and rather outstanding, independent holiday decor shop located in Plano, Texas. Like its well known cousin The [Decorator’s Warehouse” src=“ in Arlington, the concentration is mainly on Christmas, but not as exclusively.

Witch Ribbon

Past rooms full of Santas, red ribbon, and nativities is the deep orange and pumpkin be-decked fall room, and finally the little section reserved for the Halloween stock, the inclusion of which sets this place apart from the store in Arlington.

The Dark Lady

This dark lady stands sentinel outside the door, promising delights both elegant and shadow-veiled.

Skull Pumpkin

Calling back to my favorite abandoned blog of all time, this fellow both teased and excited me, as I have wanted to do something similar as a jack o’ lantern carving for many years now. Perhaps this will be the year.

Bride and Groom

Skeletons are always a strong theme for Halloween, as they remind us of death and mortality. So the juxtaposition of those elements with the nuptial symbols here, signs of youth and fertility, lend this piece a certain poignancy, don’t you think?

Bling Skull

Holiday Warehouse considers itself both “upscale” and “aspirational”, so this bling-y skull seems about right. Though I’ve seen similar gaudy items at Michaels and At Home this year. It’s a theme for 2016. Because of Trump?