Super Meganerd Fun Pack!

The Super Meganerd Fun Pack

What the pack?!

My cousin Carl, as previously featured on Tobyblog, sent this to me for my birthday. Get a load. It’s almost like he knows me.

Posing, For Scale

I suppose he’d heard me mention the excellent Dino Drac Fun Packs before, about which I wrote a couple of unboxing blogs. He might also have heard me talk about my own geocaching tribute to same, the Super Mega Fun Pack.

You can see how large the box is. Couldn’t wait to rip this baby open and revel in all the goodies! Did I mention I was eight years old? At heart, baby, at heart.

Apple Jack and Sonic Hat

I have to admit I was taken aback as soon as I pulled off the lid. Because it was obvious that this was meant for more than just myself, but was a true family gift. What an unbelievable and thoughtful surprise. Now I’d get to share the goodness.

Right off we had two monumental presents for ThePonyOwner and VCubeSolver.

Apple Jack

Anything MLP related was destined to be a hit, but he managed somehow to score things she doesn’t already have. No small feat!

My Little Sanic

TheVCubeSolver informed me that this wasn’t just any Sonic headpiece, but an officially licensed Sega product released as a tie-in with Sonic Colors, one his favorites in the franchise! It’s loads better in quality and material than the headpiece that came with the Halloween costume he wore last year.

Way to knock it out of the park, Carl!

Mario Kart Racer

And yet more game merchandise included — this one from Super Mario Kart Wii U. I believe this is a McDonald’s happy meal toy, and we also have Donkey Kong. Woohoo!