A Pumpkin for St. Michael

September 29th is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, or Michaelmas as it is known in European countries. St. Michael cast the devil out of heaven, and is the commander of the armies of God. He is traditionally shown fighting a dragon, or with his foot on the back of the devil. He is the patron of soldiers and police officers, but also of the ill and suffering. He has appeared to people at various times curing diseases.

Three years ago on September 1st the family and I made a trip out to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping. We arrived to find some especially large stemmed pumpkins for sale, the first of the season.

They were magical. Huge green stems as thick as my forearm, and rich and vibrant shades of orange.

They were Wolf Pumpkins, a special variety I’ve only seen sold at Whole Foods. They were relatively cheap, too, at $12 per. I’ve since seen pumpkins of similar size and quality sold for $40-$70 per.

We picked up the one on the left. I knew I needed to reserve it for something special.