Cover Battle — The Great Pumpkin Waltz

We are officially in the “-BER months” now, a time of year that for my generation is indelibly stamped by the melancholy Peanuts cartoon soundtracks of Vince Guiraldi and his trio. Though the nostalgic quality of these tracks reaches fever pitch around Christmastime, we begin our seasonal contemplation with this wistful little tune, quickly supplanted in the Guiraldi lineup, but never quite forgotten. It remains one of my favorites, but I’ll only listen to it from the start of September through Halloween.

I am partial to YouTube covers, so here are some covers of The Great Pumpkin Waltz by The Vince Guiraldi Trio. I’m breaking precedent here by allowing in some truly exceptional professional covers simply because I love the piece so much, and those are the ones I use in my personal playlist.

Enjoy. Show these guys some support by liking and/or subscribing to their stuff. And let me know which is your favorite!