A Visit to Collector's Crypt

Dr. Channard from Hellraiser II, in all his glory

Collector’s Crypt is a boutique shop in Dallas specializing in horror and sci-fi collectibles, memorabilia, paraphernalia, and… well, you just gotta see it, folks. It’s an amazing place. I discovered them only recently after attending the St. Patrick’s Slay Weekend event at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano. They were a sponsor of that particular show, so Dark Hour graciously gave them some floor space to sell a few wares after the show and otherwise promote the store. Now it’s not like Dallas has a whole lot of shops like this; in fact, I cannot think of one other. So it piqued my interest. I noticed that they are located only a short distance across the river from where I currently work, so I decided to pop in on my next available lunch hour.

I was not disappointed. In fact, what I found there blew me away.

A Palace of the Weird

Collector’s Crypt is located not so much in a traditional storefront as in an older residential neighborhood. At first I thought I had the wrong place, but the shingle out front told me I had reached my proper destination. The building, or rather, the house — had the feel of some eccentric old grandma’s residence; or maybe closer to autumn, of a haunted house.

As I stepped in the door I was greeted by a gnarled old butler who took my hat and coat as my eyes adjusted to the dim light of what I slowly realized was a hall of dark wonders.

"The doctor is in."

My eyes were immediately drawn to the centerpiece of the room, and maybe even the whole store — an exquisitely carved, two foot resin model of Dr. Channard, the Johnny-come-lately Cenobite from Hellraiser II who somehow managed to kick the collective asses of all the established monsters in the movie. The detail on the piece is just incredible. You can hardly help gawking at it. I was doing just that when one of the friendly proprietresses noticed me. She introduced herself and explained that the piece comes with two interchangeable heads (one having a more placid, and one a more exercised expression) and is of the highest craftsmanship. She also gave me a little walkthrough of the store. I felt comfortable enough to ask her if I could snap some pictures, and she graciously allowed it.

The haunted guestbook, a popular item this past Halloween

The place has a few stock items, but the vast majority of the inventory is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The place is loaded with antiques, and even better — custom made models and other memorabilia crafted exclusively for the store. Some of their stuff you won’t find anywhere else!


Please do not visit the store and buy this beautiful etched plastic/plexiglass homage to Count Dracula. IT IS MINE. It belongs on my mantle next Halloween. I used some Photoshop chicanery to give it a spooky green coloring, but there’s actually a little red lamp at the bottom that lights up all the etched borders from below. In a dark room, this would look magnificent. But you’ll never know, ‘cause I’m going to buy it!

70's Warhol kitsch with a *Tales From the Crypt* veneer