Yankee Candle Halloween Preview

Yesterday Yankee Candle had a special one-day preview of their upcoming Halloween 2014 collection, and we dropped in to get a look. Thanks to PerkyJewels on Twitter for the tip-off!

Tragically, most of the “Bonies” decorations were sold out by the time we got there. We were told by staff that most of the merchandise was gone within the first half-hour of the store opening, so that should show you the amazing pent-up demand for Halloween this year. Hope it translates into a great trick-or-treating experience.

Still, though, we managed to see some cool stuff. This little witch made a pretty good piece, especially if you’re into scented oils, which the Mrs. is decidedly not!

This is one that I might return and get as a surprise for her, even though it’s another scented oil thingy. The stacked books would work well in our home office, and we both love ravens as a Halloween theme. They were very big last year in particular.

More scented oil dispensers. I believe these were of the plug in variety. I wasn’t too keen on these because of the inverted colors for the jack o’ lanterns. Doesn’t work!

I was kind of disappointed that these were the only three candle scents offered. The candy corn had a light, sugary smell. Pleasant, but not overwhelming. The Ghostly Treats smelled like marshmallows, but was very subtle. The label and milky color were probably my favorite of the three. The Witches Brew had a rather strong smell of burned incense. Not bad, but ashy. They also threw Pumpkin Spice and Midsummer Nights into the mix, but those are really a year-round thing. I would have appreciated a few more unique scents.