Egg Decorating and Birthday Cake

Wishes Made
Wishes Made — Photo by Tobyblog on Flickr

Falling when it does, my birthday is frequently either caught up in, or overshadowed by, Easter celebrations and observances. (I guess it’s technically Pascha now, but oh well.) I prefer it when it comes the week after, so that we don’t have to worry about the usual Lenten restrictions on diet and alcohol consumption. We can celebrate in grand fashion, and it’s appropriate to that joyous time. A birthday on Holy Thursday can be fine, as that’s an important and auspicious day — the Institution of the Priesthood; the beginning of the solemn Holy Week observances. A birthday on Good Friday is the worst. There can be no thought of celebrating then. It would be entirely inappropriate. A birthday on Holy Saturday, as this one was, is odd. Mostly because it’s both a joyous and honored time, but one in which a birthday gets entirely overshadowed, and there is not much time to give it more than a passing acknowledgement.