A Short Trip to Devil's Den

A few weeks back we made the decision to get out of the house and try something of a short family vacation. It would be a little trip to Arkansas, to Devil’s Den State Park. Anything to get out of the house and into nature. Devil’s Den is one of those areas with a low-key spooky reputation, but the spookiest part about the trip to me was seeing half the road worn away in landslides at a couple of different spots on the drive up. The park itself is a pretty place, with a ton of interesting trails to explore, and decent changes in elevation — enough to work those legs and knees so that you feel it. The weather was warm and a little muggy, but not too bad. None of us really cared; it just felt so got to be out doing something.

I didn’t get as many “nice” pictures out of this trip as I’d hoped, but plenty of good ones of the family type. Enjoy looking at scenes from our little adventure. We’re already making plans for a return trip in the fall to see some color.