A Brief Respite From the Rain

It’s become something of a tradition for us on Saturday mornings, to get out early(ish) and take in some light and air and pollen somewhere around the city. When we get home I make us a nice brunch of scrambled eggs, toast, and smoked salmon. If it’s a special occasion, we’ll have a morning cocktail — a Screwdriver, Bellini, or Mimosa. I like exploring new places, but of course we have our favorites. You don’t get to know a place by visiting it once or twice. It’s in the coming back that it reveals itself to you gradually over the changing hours and seasons.

Spring is busy getting started. And that in recent years has meant a deluge of rain. Between the gloomy skies and corona quarantine we’re glad for whatever opportunity we have to get outside. It was a little chilly that morning, but you didn’t notice it after you walked around for a bit. The green of the new spring leaves in the morning light is not to be missed.