Mountain Village, Colorado

We ended our 2019 trip in the resort community of Mountain Village, Colorado, overlooking Telluride. We’d come from the red rock of Arizona up through the Grand Canyon and across the oddly beautiful landscape of southern Utah, stopping to marvel at the monolithic formations around Moab. We ended up in a higher place, and cooler, where the rain that had been chasing us the whole way finally caught up with us.

It had been a wonderful, if somewhat hurried, trip. We were all ready for a break. I was nervous about our little rented condo, worried that the lack of air conditioning might bother us in early August. But all was well. The night air was dry and cold, so much so that we had to shut off some of the fans at night to keep from getting too chill. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to ride the gondola down to Telluride. It looked like the kind of place I’d like to explore on a future trip. The little village supplied all our needs. Riding the gondola from point to point was its own form of entertainment, particularly for the kids.

We’d planned to take it easy for our two days in Colorado. The only thing we had scheduled was dinner at Allred’s, the premier fancy restaurant at the top of the mountain with beautiful scenic overlooks. We managed to score a table right by the window. Other than that, we tried to rest and enjoy ourselves as much as we could in the time that we had. Kass and I still managed to get in a nice hike down the mountain, though, on one of the easier trails. The rain started about a third of the way down. She seemed pleased. I was, too, though I began to get concerned that the slick rocks would start to make the hike down the mountain a little treacherous. We made it down without incident. My old knees, however, were telling a different story.

If you’re interested, Kassi wrote about all of this in much more detail over on her blog. Enjoy the pictures.