Visiting Sequoia National Park

Our week in Pasadena was a working vacation, which meant Kassi was essentially just tagging along with me on my monthly visit to the client. But as we did in Hawaii, we tacked on a couple of free days to the front of the trip for some fun time in California. We had a lot of options for how to spend our time. We considered Joshua Tree National Park which was a strong favorite of mine, as well as a simple drive up the coast north of Santa Monica. I even bought a magazine on California road trips at the grocery store. There really is so much beauty in that state. I wouldn’t think any other state compares, no slight to Texas. But Sequoia was firmly number one on my list of things within reasonable driving distance of Pasadena, and nothing I heard or read about topped the appeal of seeing those massive trees, the largest in the world. I don’t really have a “bucket list” as such, but if I did this trip would be one I’d be checking off. But that makes it seem like we’re done with it. I consider this more of a recon trip for a future visit with the whole family, where we’re hopefully able to take in more of the sites. As it was we only had a short time there, and a few of the more spectacular photo attractions were inaccessible due to the planned burns that just happened to be still underway in the park.

Stay tuned for more from our farewell week in Pasadena!