The Retro Store in Pasadena, California

The Retro Store Storefront

While in Pasadena recently I got a chance to visit The Retro Store and peruse their large and varied inventory of nostalgic comics and toys. The owners were very friendly and welcoming people, and graciously allowed me to take a few pictures of their stock. I was impressed at the variety of stuff they were able to cram into their space. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to spend much time there, as they needed to close early to put up a new and largish comics display stand, but they encouraged me to drop in again next time I’m town, or to visit their online store. Give it a look yourself.

Homer Looks On Accusingly Battle Beasts 01

Man, Battle Beasts are a sentimental favorite of mine from way back. And this was about the largest collection I’d seen with my own eyes. I believe they tried to revive the concept sometime in the 2000s with the Gormitis line, but those lacked the little weapons and heat-sensitive stickers that made Battle Beasts so cool.

Transformers Case

I ended up picking up a couple for the little one, to share some of that special magic from when I was a kid, which is the true point of nostalgia, right?

Dr. Dude Pinball Machine King Kong