New Lemax Village Pieces for 2017

Lemax Camper, Illuminated

I picked up a couple of new pieces for my Lemax Spookytown Halloween village this year. The Haunted House makes says something like “Get out! Unless you want to DIE.”, which is kind of intense. Overall the 2017 collection is as strong as it’s been in years, and they’ve brought back the Ghost Around, one of my favorites from their haunted carnival line.

Take a look at the entire Lemax collection online. The Spookytown Village is sold exclusively at Michaels, I believe, and I’ve blogged about it before.

Lemax Camper, Box Lemax Camper, Coffin Detail Lemax Camper, Front Right Lemax Camper, Illuminated, Front Right Lemax Camper, Roof Lemax Camper, Illuminated, Front Left Lemax Haunted House, Upstairs Lemax Haunted House, Front Left