Skull Eggs for Breakfast

A balanced breakfast

It’s September, finally, so welcome to meteorological fall, friends! This is Labor Day weekend, and for us that means celebrating the last warm rays of the summer sun, drinking up the last of the tequila, and grilling up what remains of our stock of hatch chiles and chile-infused meat products. A great salute to a fine season.

But already I find myself (since about the end of July honestly) looking forward to the big day, so when I was at World Market recently and I spotted this silly and fun little egg mold, I knew I had to have it.

Skull shaped egg mold, back Skull shaped egg mold, front

It works great! As a matter of fact I had some spooky skull eggs just this morning, with oatmeal and bananas. About as complete and balanced a breakfast as I’ve ever had! I’ve used it twice now and the eggs come out just perfectly. I like my eggs sunny side up anyway, and this allows them to reach just that perfect consistency that I enjoy — a fine liquid-y layer of yolk on the surface, just slightly cooked and congealed underneath.

Happy fall, guys!

Frying Skull Eggs Skull Eggs Top View