Real Life Pokemon on my Walk

Evolved my Ekans into a Daehreppoc. 🐍 Not bad, huh?

But this was my luckiest catch of the day.


Visiting Dallas Vintage Toys at the Grand Reopening

Yes, not even the age of corona, one that has sadly seen the shuttering of many beloved local institutions, can stop the juggernaut of recycled dreams that is Dallas Vintage Toys. After a frightening and disorienting two week shutdown, the doors are open once agains to kids and adult collectors alike. And in a spirit of bold defiance to these unprecedented times(tm), they’ve tripled the floor space and inventory, and dammit they even installed a big old Castle Grayskull facade for your Instagramming pleasure.

The new normal is old toys!

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→ Music From Empty Malls

My working playlist for today. Makes me think about remoting from the old Collin Creek mall. I miss that place.