Good morning 🌞

…and good Monday! Summer really feels like it’s slipping away this morning, though it’s not particularly cool or fallish here in North Texas. Something about the light has changed, as my Kassi likes to point out. In any event, fall’s been on my mind lately. Last year was a complete bust, mostly rained out and washed away. I have hope for a better season this year, with more appreciation for the little graces, and far more time outdoors.

This morning I’m rediscovering an old hangout, a local coffee shop, and remembering why I used to like to come here so much. I had to give it up for a time as a morning work location due to the noise level getting completely out of hand, not to mention the obnoxious and blaring music choices that sadly became the norm, presumably in an effort, as unsuccessful as it was, to drive away all the obnoxious and blaring patrons. This morning we’ve returned to a smaller (though still respectable, and much more subdued) crowd, with soft jazz played at a merciful volume.

And the cappuccino is as excellent as always.