→ Today's Sounds: It's Possible

Forever remind yourself.

The comments section on this video describes it as 70’s Italian cocaine lounge music. Psychedelia. Dunno, but I like it. I suppose this goes out to all you folks tripping today in Oregon.

→ Garth Alper — Stratus

This is the guy that taught me and Kass to appreciate jazz, literally. He was our old jazz and music appreciation professor in college. On a couple of occasions we went to see him and his band play around town. Neat guy, and some people said we kind of resembled each other.

I always found this sound makes for good study music. This is his third album, I believe, and it’s pretty strong. Better than the last one.

→ Pretty People

Currently enjoying this sweet cover of one of my favorite Blossom Dearie tracks. That’s not the only Blossom Dearie song they cover, too. Apparently somebody over there is a fan.

If there were more covers of her music I’d love to do another cover battle, but alas. Blossom is too much underappreciated.

→ How Old Am I?

Strolling towards 50 like

→ Music From Empty Malls

My working playlist for today. Makes me think about remoting from the old Collin Creek mall. I miss that place.