Wylie's Angel

I like geocaching for lots of reasons. I like to be outside. I like discovering new places. I like walking and connecting with nature. But occasionally I learn something as well. Usually it’s just local historical trivia, or maybe a geography lesson. But sometimes the lesson is more personal, and as in this case, tragic.

The morning started out with a trip to the Trinity Trails in Wylie, Texas for some hiking and caching. We chose to start at the easternmost trailhead, which was also the closest to us.

There was a little marina at the trailhead.

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Found Objects: Evil Zombie Clown

I have no particular fear of clowns. I am not one of those people. But this thing gives me the creeps. Downright turns my stomach.

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Geocaching Explained

Geocaching is one of my main hobbies. Since I’m going to be posting a lot about it, here’s a formal introduction from Groundspeak, the company that runs the geocaching.com site.

Coming Soon! Houston Winter Open

A teaser for my upcoming documentary on the Houston Winter Open 2014.