→ Geocaching Lost Episodes

Over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of never-used footage from our various geocaching adventures. Here they all are, wrapped up a big ball of video for you, my Tobyblogging public.


→ My Geocoin Collection

You might find this interesting if you’re a hardcore geocaching or geocoin enthusiast, or an ASMR type.

Super Mega Fun Pack

The Super Mega Fun Pack geocache (GC5Z4X7) is a thinly-veiled tribute to Matt of dinosaurdracula.com and the amazing box of goodies that he puts together every month for his hordes of devoted fans. It’s only “veiled” at all because of the (understandable) policy of geocaching.com not to list any cache with references to commercial products. After going back and forth with them a bit about this, I relented and removed any overt references to Matt or his website, including changing the name of the cache from the original “The Dino Drac Fun Pack Geocache” to “Super Mega Fun Pack”.

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March Cache Maintenance

TheVCubeSolver and I hit the road on a pretty March morning to do some maintenance on a couple of our geocaches. The log for RtW #3 had filled up and Augie’s beaver cache had recently been reported missing. A little town, a little country. More geocaching goodness for you.

My First Night Cache

Come along with the kids and I on our first night caching adventure. For the uninitiated among you, night caching is simply geocaching at night. Generally night caches are made so that you can’t find them during the daytime, by making use of trails of reflective tacks or tape or other forms of guidance visible only at night.