→ We Play Mario Party 10

The kids and I play Mario Party 10, the most inexplicably hated Mario Party of them all!

Conversations 2 – Thoughts on the Wii U

TheVCubeSolver and I talk about the things we love about the Nintendo Wii U on a long drive home.

→ We Play Wii Play Playthrough

TheVCubeSolver and I team up in this playthrough vid to reintroduce you to a seriously underrated classic on the Wii.

→ Conversations Series: The Nintendo NX

Join TheVCubeSolver and I as we discuss the recently announced NX project from Nintendo, a new and novel system that could be the successor to the beleaguered Wii U. But what exactly is it? For the moment, all we can do is guess. But I think we have some good ideas.