→ Tia Lupita is Literal Awesome Sauce

Of the craft sauces listed in the article, I can personally vouch for Tia Lupita (red, not the salsa verde) and pretty much all of the Yellowbird sauces from Austin. The thing that really sets Tia Lupita apart its strong cumin-y flavor, which I happen to love. That stuff is really great on eggs, but honestly goes with almost everything.

Quarantine Cocktail Hour: Amaretto and Ginger

Welcome! Glad to have you over. Pull up a stool or something, cause it’s cocktail hour at the blog, and today we’re trying an idea I got from the folks over at Thrillist — an amaretto and ginger beer mixer.

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→ Elote Ramen May be the King of Fusion Cuisine

This comes courtesy of good buddy Brian Hammons at reviewtheworld.com, now celebrating its 15th year on the internet, I believe. As if I didn’t need another reason during this lockdown to get my hands on some Tajin.

I tell you, fans, I could not be more ready to reintroduce cheese into my diet.

Haters be silent. Cheese in ramen is a cheap American innovation, granted, but ramen is nothing if not versatile and accommodating. And there is surprisingly nothing wrong with the flavor, either. And it was in Pasadena, no mean ramen town, that I first discovered corn in ramen, and I was surprised at how well it meshed with the flavor and texture profile of traditional ramen.

Not to mention that I just flat out love elote.

Yeah, come next week this is definitely happening.

→ Rim a Bloody Mary with Tajin?

Man, I can’t wait till we can have some real Tex-Mex food again. And drink. 😞