It’s been one year since Frank was put down. Thought I shouldn’t let it pass without noting. I think everybody kind of misses him. Big, goofy, maddening, inscrutable Frank. Always very lovable, though.

→ Pretty People

Currently enjoying this sweet cover of one of my favorite Blossom Dearie tracks. That’s not the only Blossom Dearie song they cover, too. Apparently somebody over there is a fan.

If there were more covers of her music I’d love to do another cover battle, but alas. Blossom is too much underappreciated.

Neighborhood Noise

Come along with me on one of my daily quarantine walks, from the moment I step out my front door to my daily visit to the neighborhood Pokéstop; around the back side of the neighborhood past the park and near the woods, then along the road past the gun range to the creek overlook and back.