Sprechers Root Beer Review

Celebrating our third anniversary of Buddy Team reviews, TheVCubeSolver and I team up to tackle the legendary Sprechers Root Beer. It’s good stuff!

Cover Battle — The Great Pumpkin Waltz

We are officially in the “-BER months” now, a time of year that for my generation is indelibly stamped by the melancholy Peanuts cartoon soundtracks of Vince Guiraldi and his trio. Though the nostalgic quality of these tracks reaches fever pitch around Christmastime, we begin our seasonal contemplation with this wistful little tune, quickly supplanted in the Guiraldi lineup, but never quite forgotten. It remains one of my favorites, but I’ll only listen to it from the start of September through Halloween.

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Free Spooks on YouTube: Apparitions

Are you looking for something spooky to watch as we wind our way down to Halloween, but find yourself bored by the usual fare of cheesy monster movies or gross slasher flicks? Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more thoughtful; a little more substantial, perhaps? Let me show you something interesting. Apparitions is a BBC miniseries about a Catholic exorcist who finds himself at the center of a satanic intrigue that reaches to the Vatican and threatens the world itself.

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The Decorator's Warehouse

The Decorator’s Warehouse, located in Arlington, Texas, bills itself as Texas’s largest Christmas store. And it is very large. But what really impresses you upon entering the place is just how jam-packed it is with holiday and seasonal baubles, as if despite its football-field size floor space they still did not have quite enough room to fit everything.  As soon as you walk in the door you’re assaulted with holiday cheer; the entrance is rather elaborately decorated and serves as both a picture station and portal of sorts into this alternate dimension that feels something like Santa’s attic.

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Super Mega Fun Pack

The Super Mega Fun Pack geocache (GC5Z4X7) is a thinly-veiled tribute to Matt of dinosaurdracula.com and the amazing box of goodies that he puts together every month for his hordes of devoted fans. It’s only “veiled” at all because of the (understandable) policy of geocaching.com not to list any cache with references to commercial products. After going back and forth with them a bit about this, I relented and removed any overt references to Matt or his website, including changing the name of the cache from the original “The Dino Drac Fun Pack Geocache” to “Super Mega Fun Pack”.

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Aisles & Aisles of Halloween at At Home

We’re just under 100 days to Halloween now, but there are certain places you can always depend on to roll out the spooky stock a little early. I covered At Home last year and this year’s selection looks bigger and better than ever. For 2015 our local store has literally doubled the floor space devoted to Halloween goods. And, well, just take a look for yourself.

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Diana Levin's Pocket Watch

While in attendance at Texas Frightmare Weekend I picked up a small pocket watch as a souvenir for my daughter from the booth of Diana Levin. Check out her gallery on her website. Or better yet, if you like what you see you can buy something from her Etsy store.

Texas Frightmare Weekend

This year I attended Texas Frightmare Weekend for the first time. By now it seems like forever ago. But lucky you — I saved all the pictures! So here they are without much verbal adornment, or it’d probably take me another month and a half to get this up. I suggest you take your time with this post. It’s a big one. Really savor the photographs. Left-click to enlarge them.

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Bahama Bucks

Katie and the gang over at Cheap Thrills invited me and the kids to do a co-review highlighting some of our favorite summer treats. You can check out their submission, Culver’s Frozen Custard, right here. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to introduce you guys to one of the hidden treasures of our little neighborhood — Bahama Bucks! Bucks is sort of like Jimmy Buffett’s own sno-cone stand. It serves sno-cones and tropical smoothies, some coffee drinks, and you can even get mixed fruit cups there if you’d like.

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Screening Phantasm With The Tall Man

From a respectful write-up on Texas Frightmare Weekend by Dread Central: Can we stop calling Texas Frightmare Weekend a “regional con” now? The first reader I met this year was Aaron from Australia, who had flown all the way here to experience TFW as his FIRST con. I met that guy! Twice. Sat right next to him at the special 35mm screening of Phantasm at the Alamo Draft House in Richardson.

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