→ A History of the Puffy Toilet Seat

I always considered those things the grossest of the gross. But did get me thinking about alternative “comfortable” materials. A gel toilet seat? Cushion of air? Water? Yeah, like a water bed — but instead it’s a toilet seat.

And if you don’t already follow the bro-science blog of Dollar Shave Club, you should. Way better than The Onion these days.

Never forget your good business shoes on a business trip. #roadwarrior #protip

That feeling when you neglect to hold the elevator for someone, but somehow they manage to press the button at the very last moment, and they know what the hell you just did, and you have to ride up several floors together in awkward silence.

RIP Frank Dog, 2013 – 2019

I’m sorry, Frank. Despite driving us crazy sometimes, you were ever a good friend and protector. I know it wasn’t you’re fault. I hope somehow you understood.