Earlier today I had the honor of being driven around by Gor, who I think is some sort of barbarian king in his main job.

Well, the Dad Wagon is officially in the shop, up on blocks, awaiting a complete transmission replacement, which ought to take a few weeks. What went wrong I have no idea. Until then my skies will be the color of my grey sedan loner, and I’ll be singing the blues πŸš™ till I’m cruising the highways once again in my Marakesh brown leather seats.

β†’ Hogs Head Cheese: A Disappearing Delicacy ∞

I can’t claim that I was one who helped to postpone the extinction. Somebody told me once as a kid that it contained pig’s brains, so I never ate it. It pretty much looked like jello’d meat, too, which didn’t add to the appeal. I’d try it today, though, if I still lived there, and probably would like it. Vinegar and pork is not a bad combo.

My new pet peeve β€” automatic sliding doors that stop halfway through the slide, causing you to ram your chest and face into them like a jackass and almost break the door down besides

β†’ Do Ants Like Coffee? ∞


Ants are my favorite insect. That they have actually been observed to plant coffee seeds, live in and among the plants they grow, and actually harvest the beans floors me with wonder for these remarkable creatures that are so different from us, yet so much resemble us in our social behaviors. This is real agriculture; and we already know they practice ranching and husbandry behaviors, with aphids for example β€” “milking” them of the dew produced by their bodies. That coffee is what they go for makes me love them even more.

But the article also tells a remarkable story about a South American farmer trying to learn from nature, in a way that hurts him financially, but that he thinks is important for his country and for the future. We’d never know these things were it not for people like that. And who knows what else there is yet to discover.