Exploring the Secret Exits Behind the Stores

Not many people know about those places.

Fixed Broken Galleries… Again

Crap. Looks like even more stuff was broken by the recent Hugo upgrade than I realized, but I think everything should be back to normal now.

Community Theater Presents: The Rat Pack

Recorded on an evening out with Kass. Not the best recording, but then again, not the best performance. They tried, though. Sammy and Dean were pretty good, I thought.

Sunset in Mckinney

UPDATE: seems like this doesn’t work on mobile, in that you don’t actually see the photo embedded in the page. Just a link that pushes you over to the app. Not acceptable.

Looks like Hugo now has super-easy integration with Instagram. I’m still an Instagram skeptic, but this might be useful.

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Sunset in McKinney, detail pano

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🛠 Fixed a Problem With Flickr Photo Galleries 👨🏻‍💻

I figured out why half of my galleries in Photos were no longer working. Looks like things were broken after a recent update to Hugo, the tool I use to build the site. Had to adjust some of my backend code, but all should be well now. Browse on.