Working on something for my pro site — first thing I've done for it in a while — and damn it takes a long time to blog.

→ Slayer, Striker, Shooter and the Rise of the Extreme Baby Boy Name

In a recent Namerology article on the topic, she lists several of the burlier, more aggressive names that have been picking up steam: Angler, Camper, Tracker, Trapper, Catcher, Driver, Fielder, Racer, Sailor, Striker, Wheeler — deep breath — Breaker, Roper, Trotter, Wrangler — still going — Lancer, Shooter, Slayer, Soldier, Tracer, Trooper — wait, “Slayer”? — Blazer, Brewer, Charger, Dodger, Laker, Pacer, Packer, Raider, Ranger, Steeler, Warrior — kill me — Dreamer, Jester and — wait for it — Rocker.

At first this article gave me a headache, but then I got over and learned to love extreme baby boy names.

So for the record, when I'm picking my baseball team I got dibs on Slugger, Fielder, Racer, and Ump. Sorry, but you get stuck with Dreamer, Jester, Slacker, and Sailor.

So sold on these new baby names am I that I decided to come up with my own list of super jacked-up hot rod names. Feel free to steal any of these that you like.

Biggun Manchester Ripper Reichskiller Surge Dominator Hugh Johnson

P.S. I couldn't help but notice the lack of popular baby names like Coder, Manager, or Commuter. What, no love for the IT life?

→ Listening — Tema Di Valeria, Interrabang 1969

→ The Intelligence of Corvids

Crows, in fact, might be like us not so much because they are clever (and so are we) but rather because they sometimes engage their cleverness simply for fun – and so do we.

What's it like to be a crow? What do they make of us? Are animals capable of moral behavior? Having been a pet owner for many years I think this is true. I feel I've observed it. But then again there are some folks who think that everything is capable of an existential morality, even the non-animate creation.