Running Errands After Work

Grabbing groceries after work.

Exploring the Secret Exits Behind the Stores

Not many people know about those places.

Community Theater Presents: The Rat Pack

Recorded on an evening out with Kass. Not the best recording, but then again, not the best performance. They tried, though. Sammy and Dean were pretty good, I thought.

Sounds From a Mall

The second installment in my ongoing series of ambient environmental sound recordings. These are the sounds of me packing up my recorder and walking to the food court, where I order a bowl from Chipotle. I take my bowl outside to the patio to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, after which I take a little walk around the mall to pick up some interesting sounds. And for the second time in a row I ran across a guy playing a piano. Coincidence? Not sure, but it would be cool if that happened every time and everywhere I tried this.

Hope you enjoy.

A New Thing?

I decided to do something today I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. I’m bringing back what they used to call in the early days of podcasting “soundseeing tours”, wherein people just recorded the ambient sounds of interesting places they visited or things they were doing. Not much time to do a writeup on this, as I’m about to board my flight, but here you can join me on my customary walk from Tom Bradley International terminal across the length and breadth of the airport.

Along the way are a few surprises. See if you can spot