→ Zapps Mega Review Part Three

The third and final installment of the big Zapp’s Potato Chip sampler review, representing my first donation to the blog. I’d go on to send a couple more “care packs” which would feature in a huge percentage of Brian’s output during 2014 and 2015, something of which I’m quite proud.

Highlights of this video include some of Brian’s prettier cinemagraphic work and Chris making a joke about his “bulge”.

→ Zapps Mega Review Part Two

The second in Brian’s Zapp’s Potato Chip review trilogy, in which the boys puzzle over Voodoo flavoring and Nick gets sick on pickle chips.

→ Zapps Mega Review Part One

I got to know Brian in 2013 after becoming a fan of his blog, reviewtheworld.com. Toward the end of that year I sent him the first of what I would come to call “care packs” for the show — just donated items for potential review on the site. That particular pack was a huge sampler of Zapps potato chips, a Louisiana snack of which I am quite fond. It took about six months for him to feature the first video. He was running the show twice a month back in those days, and I recall he had his schedule planned out months in advance. He was quite organized that way. That impressed me about him — the professionalism he showed toward the blog.

I thought he and the boys did a quite a nice job on this three-part review, setting a strong pace for 2014.

→ Get in the Trunk Part 3

My first shout-out on Review the World was in this little vignette, now a classic in the RtW cinematic universe, in which “Toby” is the name of Chris’s ex-girlfriend.