Brightside Skittles with Review the World

Join me, Augie, and superpal Brian of Review the World for installment number two in this soon to be classic trilogy of Skittles candy reviews. This time we look at Brightside Skittles, the very flipside of the Darkside reviewed a couple of years back with Brian on his last visit to Dallas. A great theme for summer and sunny days, will Brightside warm your tummy as we slip into fall and all things pumpkin spice? Find out for yourself, as we find out for ourselves.

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America Skittles Review with Brian

Hello again, folks.

It has been a while now since I’ve been active on this site, but life has not held still for me and the family. Since the last time I posted anything of significance, quite a great deal has happened, actually, much of which was originally destined for publication here. Well, as it does, life got in the way, priorities shifted, my free time diminished, etc. etc. — and the gist of it all is that you folks were left unattended for many months.

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Top 10 Review the World Episodes of 2015-2016

It’s that time of year again folks, that magical time between Christmas and New Year where thoughtful commentators like myself come out with their end of year retrospectives; and continuing a tradition I established a couple of years back on this site, I intend to give you my take on the best of my buddy Brian Hammons’ output over on the internet’s most beloved nostalgia blog, You can catch up on previous years’ content by taking a look at my other lists:

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