Crow at the Grand Canyon

Who’s ready for fall?

You can count me in, though I’m not sure “ready” is the best word for it. Summer seemed to pass by so fast this year. Barely had time to really enjoy it, it seems, before it’s practically gone. They say this happens as you get older, but I suspect in my case it has more to do with a dearth of time spent outside this year, soaking up sun and heat. That kind of thing has a way of slowing down clock and calendar. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Nevertheless we did get out to see some fairly amazing things in the past few weeks, which I’m very keen to show you. I took an awful lot of pics during our three days at the Grand Canyon, which was our next stop after Red Rock, and I’m quite satisified with them overall. We booked both the sunset and sunrise bus tours, and although that was a mixed bag for me due to an amateurish camera setting screwup, I still managed to get some impressive photos of the canyon, far better than last year’s set.

What made me happiest, though, was the opportunity to photograph some of the canyon ravens and crows up close this time, thanks to my P1000 and its powerful zoom lens. I edited this one especially to hang up on our wall during the Halloween season.

Here’s hoping for a better one this year.

The Year in Pictures — 2015 Edition

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Welcome to this retroactively inserted yearly retrospective. The date I am writing this is actually December 30, 2020. If you’ve found this page, that means you’ve stumbled upon some content that, while genuinely old, was not originally posted on this date. Greetings from the future! Or something. I suppose I could make some joke right now warning you to “turn back” from the dread year 2020, but that whole bit seems tired and depressing.

Instead I will invite you to look at this gallery of my favorite photos from 2015; a year that included a fantastic visit from my buddy Brian from Ohio, a really glorious crop of firewheels (the likes of which we’ve not seen since), and one of my greatest sets of Halloween carved pumpkins ever — a tribute to the Universal Monsters.