→ 🎧 Soulshine

Don’t you need it?

Jean — Rod McKuen


Brown Noise Tracks for Intense Focus

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the need to maintain a greater focus in my work and study. I find brown noise to be good way of filtering out distractions, to allow the mind to concentrate on a task. Brown noise tends to sit at a lower frequency than white noise, so the sound is deeper and more meditative.

Here are some tracks that I like. Use headphones to get the most out of these.

Very low, like a muffled waterfall from a distance. Very good track.

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I Can't Get Over This Cover Album

I discovered the The Bird and Bee this past December when I heard their rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas at a bar in Honolulu. That led me to this album, and I’ve been burning it up lately on drives and at work.

It’s total ear candy.

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→ George Michael's Jazz Noir Album

A pop take on jazz noir from his best album. Many years ago Kass and I listened to this cassette so much we broke the tape.

I hope you all are having a mellow moment, whenever it is for you. I know I am.

I find jazz noir goes best with whiskey.