→ Detective Pikachu Was As Good As It Could Be

In other news, I saw Detective Pikachu with the family a few days ago, and I think we all left impressed. Some strong acting and genuinely funny moments. Pikachu singing the Pokémon cartoon theme song was a highlight for me. But does Ryan Reynolds have to be in literally every movie now? That being said, he did a wonderful job. A really enjoyable and charming movie. Go see it. With your kids, of course.

So Sick

Being sick on a trip is the worst. I’ve mostly been sleeping every spare moment I get. Managed to catch a pretty decent cheese ball of a movie, though. It was old school campy fun in the best way. Nicely captured the feel of old 80s schlock-horror movies like The Gate and Return of the Living Dead.

Beyond the Gates

A Day of Decisions

I’m celebrating a major personal milestone today, and I can’t think of a more fitting way to commemorate it on this site than by encouraging you all to watch one of my favorite episodes of The Ray Bradbury Theater from 1989, The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone. This episode is indeed all about decisions, priorities, and focusing on what’s important in life. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3