Spring buds

All winter keep still.
Naked, silent. Dream until
spring ends cold’s vigil.

Flip Wilson

Today I passed up the opportunity to buy a vintage talking Flip Wilson doll that would tell me not to touch him inappropriately. #70s #beforenintendo

Cappuccino in the Morning

A cappuccino is a wonderful way to start the morning. Though this morning I can say I’ve had better. There was a guy here who had one of those ironic mustaches. He could make good coffee. I wonder where he went. And if he still has that mustache. And if he left, maybe, to startup some better place that specializes in morning cappuccinos? And where that place might be, and if they have WiFi?

Good morning. 🌞

St. Patrick’s Favorite Drink

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a couple of Vodka Stingers. Kassi approves. 🍀

Selfie from Cali

That’s a wrap for this trip. It’s been fun trying a new hotel and exploring a different part of the city. Perhaps next time I’ll try to take in more of the cultural life. There’s always something going on in Pasadena.

Now home again to Texas and the people I love. See you soon!