Road Trip Travel Log 01.02

Picture of me in the Llano Estacado, Texas’s “wine country”. On the road for quite a while and still not out of the state. Holding up well. Fear the little one may be coming down with a cold. Hope he’s better after some rest.

Changed restaurant plans and will revisit our old favorite in Albuquerque for the third year in a row.

The food there has always been great, though the service is consistently slow. Had a very nice steak dinner and a just-OK Old Fashioned. I think I’m spoiled at the Wildwood back home.

Tomorrow we hike at Red Rock State Park. Should be warm, but can’t possibly be as uncomfortably humid as when we left Dallas. Gonna try and grab some shut-eye. Real vacation starts tomorrow morning!

Road Trip Travel Log 01.01

We’re well in to the big family road trip of 2019, and the obligatory Texas pit stop at Bucc-ees has been checked off the list. Would have sent you guys a pic from the storied Bucc-ees bathrooms, but I was too excited about these new hot n’ spicy Beaver Nuggets! You can hear all about my first experience with those glorified Corn Pops in this review I did last year with my good buddy Brian. How trim I looked back then. Guess I’ve been hitting the Beaver Nuggets too hard in the interim.

A Fire Sign

The name of this sculpture is Entwine, I think a reference to The Lord of the Rings. It’s supposed to be a tree, or plant, to symbolize Wylie’s connection to its roots. I always thought of it as a campfire, and I think that imagery fits much better for a library.

Bits and Bobs

I made a promise to myself that I would never waste time on this blog apologizing for sporadic posting. So instead of doing that, I think I’ll do that other thing where I throw a few pictures at you and catch you up on recent developments.

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→ Show Some Love To My Spouseblog

If you haven’t been following Kassi over on her personal blog, by all means go there and check it out. She’s been killing it lately, posting about all the family stuff I’m supposed to be getting to over on this site, but have been too lame to do. I swear she can fire off 3 or 4 posts by the time I’m done editing the same number of photos. Practice, I guess? Her latest one about the John Muir books she’s been collecting has put me in a very vacation-y kind of mood. I thought it was funny that she called me out for still working on photos from two years ago, which is true. But I have learned (what I think is) a whole lot in the meantime, and my camera and software suite, and hopefully my editing sensibilities, have evolved a great deal in that time. It’s been fun revisiting those not-so-old photos and reminiscing on the times we spent out on the road in some very rugged country. I’d honestly forgotten just how pretty it was up in Colorado the summer of 2017. Anyway, enjoy the blog and hopefully get inspired yourself. John Muir was a great man, one of this nation’s finest. And more to come here on all that as well.