Real Life Pokemon on my Walk

Evolved my Ekans into a Daehreppoc. 🐍 Not bad, huh?

But this was my luckiest catch of the day.


Lunchtime Walks on Quarantine

Things have become very busy for me over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been given primary streaming and video responsibilities for our church during the lockdown, all the while ramping up for a new gig at my job, and working on an interesting side project as well — a product shoot for a friend at church who is opening up an Etsy store. (On a side note, I’ve never done anything like that and was honored that she even asked. I’m not 100% satisfied with the edits yet, and I could have done a better job on tamping down the glare in a few of the photos, but overall I’m happy with how they turned out. Even the glare, I think, provides the kind of natural look that she was going for in the shoot.)

The news seems mostly bad during lockdown, and the weather not much better. One of my quiet pleasures, one that has helped to keep me balanced, has been my daily walks. Sometimes one of the kids will tag along, and today I had both my boys with me. My little one held my hand most of the way. He’s seven now, bigger, so it touched me. I wonder sometimes when things like that happen whether they will be the last. There’s always a last time for everything that happens. When he got tired, I carried him on my back. We talked practically the whole time about his favorite toys. His little interests. He told me that if a vintage toy store carries Ninja Turtles, they’d always have a rack full of surplus April O’Neil toys that nobody wants to buy. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas. We speculated what a Star Wars movie would be like if all of the characters were Jabba the Hutts. Augie mostly kept silent. He does that a lot on our walks. Like me, he likes to meditate. I hope he enjoys the sun and air like I do.

The CV Lockdown Blues. Missing California.

I suppose it can’t be helped; every year as March drags into April, as the days get hotter and the brief Texas spring looks more toward the summer, the early zeal of the Lenten discipline wears off, and the sacrifices once willingly undertaken become an annoyance and a burden. These things are only compounded by the enforced isolation and the looming prospect of an almost anti-climatic, if not mildly depressing, Pascha undertaken as it is this year without the usual joy of communal celebration. I find myself thinking about freer times, without all these restrictions on movement and enjoyment. We — the whole family, really — have been fantasizing about another vacation, although I don’t expect there will be anywhere to go for quite some time. I was chatting with a colleague today and I realized I missed California; miss in a sense my old travel schedule and working lifestyle. Pasadena was beautiful. Interesting. It was a great working experience on top of everything. I like to travel, let’s face it. I like exploring, and I always have. I’m glad I had the good fortune to share that with my wife Kassi, on our second most memorable trip together anywhere.

To commemorate those times, I thought I’d put together this collection of my California blogs for both you and me to revisit and reminisce. Enjoy.

Lunch Options

I was at the juice bar today getting an “Immune Booster” (beet, ginger, cayenne — I could use it right now)…

…when I noticed this alternative

It was a cup of donuts. They were selling donuts by the cup. At the juice bar.

Today, I chose wisely.