Nine Useless Jack O' Lantern Templates

Most of these were taken from the huge catalog of templates over at, the vast majority of which are pretty cool and definitely not useless.

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My Favorite Halloween Toy of 2019


The Halloween & Hauntfest Convention

Halloween and Hauntfest 2017
Halloween and Hauntfest 2017 — Photo by Tobyblog on Flickr
Normally scheduled in late August, the Halloween & Hauntfest show is appropriately billed as “a gateway event to the Halloween season.” To those of us who kick off our official celebrations with the start of Dinosaur Dracula’s Halloween Countdown on September 1, the timing hits that perfect sweet spot. The anticipation, that period of time I like to call “the run-up to the countdown”, starts to build throughout August, so that by the time this event rolls around Kassi and the kids and I are practically bursting with Halloween excitement.

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Smells Like Halloween at Yankee Candle

Window advert
Window advert — Photo by Tobyblog on Flickr

What’s in a smell? The power to evoke. Memories. People. Places. And special times in our lives. Seasons long forgotten. All brought back in an instant the second a particular aroma hits our nostrils. It’s no wonder that scented candles, long thought domain of grandmas and boring little gift shops, have become respected among the nostalgia set in recent years. I read once that people don’t remember scents; that you remember the things associated with it or the strong feelings the scent creates, but the brain does not store memory of the scent itself. And now I find myself trying to remember what the woods smell like in autumn.

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