→ COPS: Flushing Drugs Could Create “Meth-Gators”

The Alabama Meth-Gators is my new favorite college football team.

Sounds From a Mall

The second installment in my ongoing series of ambient environmental sound recordings. These are the sounds of me packing up my recorder and walking to the food court, where I order a bowl from Chipotle. I take my bowl outside to the patio to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, after which I take a little walk around the mall to pick up some interesting sounds. And for the second time in a row I ran across a guy playing a piano. Coincidence? Not sure, but it would be cool if that happened every time and everywhere I tried this.

Hope you enjoy.

A Fire Sign

The name of this sculpture is Entwine, I think a reference to The Lord of the Rings. It’s supposed to be a tree, or plant, to symbolize Wylie’s connection to its roots. I always thought of it as a campfire, and I think that imagery fits much better for a library.

It occurred to me today, as I was getting my hair cut, that Guns N‘ Roses really jumped the shark with November Rain. In fact, I’d say November Rain is what killed Hair Rock.