Out West Again

Twilight Over Pasadena
Twilight Over Pasadena — Photo by Tobyblog on Flickr
What should I say? What can I say? Perhaps a little about where I find myself these days. What I’m up to. Best keep it brief. I want to encourage myself to update these pages a little more frequently this year.

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Our Choice


→ George Michael's Jazz Noir Album

A pop take on jazz noir from his best album. Many years ago Kass and I listened to this cassette so much we broke the tape.

I hope you all are having a mellow moment, whenever it is for you. I know I am.

I find jazz noir goes best with whiskey.


To those who may still occasionally haunt this site, this is a reminder that it’s not forgotten, just long neglected. It looks like there may some sort of problem with my Flickr embeds. I will work on repairing those shortly, so stay tuned.

Where do we go from here? That’s a question I ask myself frequently with regards to this blog. Has it lived its good life for me, and now expired?


But more so I think I am waiting for a new inspiration, a new life. With friends and loves both new and old to share it with. There are so many things yet to show, and say. Things fantastic, and many things mundane. Why not let there be some outlet, don’t you think?

Why not.

→ Welcome to 2019

Some sounds for dark days, and nights.

Yesterday the kid was watching an episode of the old Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80s, his new favorite on Netflix. The show featured the three Fates, and a journey to the Underworld, crossing the river Styx, etc. I said to him “Did you know this is Greek mythology? These were things the ancient Greeks believed.” He looked at me incredulously for a second and asked “They believed in the Ghostbusters?” 🤦🏻‍♂️

I had a good Dad laugh.

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Songs

Hands down my favorite Christmas song of 2018. I passed up this album in favor of Jackie Gleason’s Tis The Season, a purchase I do not regret, but this song is definitely worth the price of the vinyl. I love it when Frank sings melancholy, and this one has that quality in spades. Nostalgia, regret, and loneliness are all wrapped up in that golden bow of his amazing voice, a voice that forces your ears to attention when you hear it, never aging, never dulling, calling your life before your eyes, and all but materializing that glass of whiskey or scotch in your left hand, as your right hand reaches to pull the brim of your fedora down a little more to cover the tears in your eyes. Merry Christmas!

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