Top 10 Review the World Episodes of 2015-2016

It’s that time of year again folks, that magical time between Christmas and New Year where thoughtful commentators like myself come out with their end of year retrospectives; and continuing a tradition I established a couple of years back on this site, I intend to give you my take on the best of my buddy Brian Hammons’ output over on the internet’s most beloved nostalgia blog, You can catch up on previous years’ content by taking a look at my other lists:

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August into December at the Holiday Warehouse

The Holiday Warehouse is a largish, and rather outstanding, independent holiday decor shop located in Plano, Texas. Like its well known cousin The Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington, the concentration is mainly on Christmas, but not as exclusively. Past rooms full of Santas, red ribbon, and nativities is the deep orange and pumpkin be-decked fall room, and finally the little section reserved for the Halloween stock, the inclusion of which sets this place apart from the store in Arlington.

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The Bollywood Burrito

Remember Taco Naan, the Mexican-Indian hybrid restaurant I wrote about a long time back? I'm talking about the very same one my buddy Brian featured on his second trip to the Big D, where he stacked up its offerings against the nationally renowned taco dive Fuel City. Well, they're still around and busier and better than ever! The place is expanding like mad, doubling its interior floor space and hopefully renovating those dismal restrooms. I wouldn't know because I've never had the courage to try them again.

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The Czech Stop and Slovaceks

After a long hiatus, my front seat food review series is back! This time I feature some of the Waco area’s finest gas station Czech cuisine. If you’re ever in the area you should absolutely stop at one or both of these fine establishments. Such a treat.

Ace Pineapple Cider & Shannon Irish Red

Beer is great year-round, but summer brings its own varieties. I noticed recently that hard ciders are becoming more popular. I had a chance to sample a new one from Ace, makers of an outstanding pumpkin cider that I am very much looking forward to having again this fall. Their pear cider, available in all seasons, merits a future review. But this one I had not seen before. Indeed, it called out to me from the shelf with unabashed summery fruitiness.

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Frozard Man

This is a tribute video to my brother. You can think of it as the pilot episode of a fictional reality show series. It includes some backyard wrestling, a special cooking segment also featured in the 2015 Thanksgiving Special, and a frog tossing competition using actual Louisiana bull frogs. It is wild, and like the man himself, not quite safe for work!

Amazing 30th Anniversary Movies

Today marks the 30th anniversary of two very special, very "eighties" movies that I happen to love. The (legitimate) Transformers The Movie, and Space Camp, which I watched for the first time only a year or so ago with the kids. I honestly can't remember when I first saw the Transformers movie, but it wasn't in the theaters. I was the only one of my group of friends that caught it months, if not years later, after it came out on VHS.

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Geocaching Lost Episodes

Over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of never-used footage from our various geocaching adventures. Here they all are, wrapped up a big ball of video for you, my Tobyblogging public. Enjoy.

Super Meganerd Fun Pack!

What the pack?! My cousin Carl, as previously featured on Tobyblog, sent this to me for my birthday. Get a load. It’s almost like he knows me. I suppose he’d heard me mention the excellent Dino Drac Fun Packs before, about which I wrote a couple of unboxing blogs. He might also have heard me talk about my own geocaching tribute to same, the Super Mega Fun Pack.

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Sfanthor! House of Wax

Here in North Texas the sun is shining. The weather is warming up. The world outside is getting brighter. The Texas wildflowers are already in bloom, thanks to a mild and soggy winter. In the woods, things are moving. The itchy season is upon us, and the window of opportunity for a lot of local geocaches is closing, as the casual players tend to steer clear of anything that might put them in the way of tall grass, poison ivy, or the dreaded tick.

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