→ Corona Virus Rap - Gmac Cash

While I’m at it I might as well post this, too, since Josh got such a kick out of it. I sent this to him a week or so ago, then days later he’s in the hospital. Great timing on my part. Maybe he didn’t follow soon enough the sober and thoughtful advice given in this video.

Get well, my brother.

→ The Covid-19 Blues

Just got this from my brother, who at this moment is being hospitalized in Louisiana for pneumonia and possible coronavirus infection. Still awaiting results of his 2nd test. Hasn’t killed his sense of humor. We love you, Josh. Get well.

→ Isolate The Right Way in a Treehouse Hotel

If you’re not waiting out the apocalypse in a treehouse hotel, you’re not doing it right. Most of these are in exotic spots around the world, but there happens to be one nearby in Eureka Springs! And very affordable, too.

→ This Soft Jazz Will Cure Your Coronavirus

I guess it’s true that there really is a jazz for every conceivable mood or situation.