→ Today's Sounds: It's Possible

Forever remind yourself.

The comments section on this video describes it as 70’s Italian cocaine lounge music. Psychedelia. Dunno, but I like it. I suppose this goes out to all you folks tripping today in Oregon.

Last year around this time I’d just visited a Spirit Halloween Store. This year I’ve not yet made the trip. Looks like they’re back in the same location — just across the street from the Barnes and Noble in what used to be a Pier One Imports, I believe. The theme this year is “masks.”

There’s certainly a lot to be afraid of this year. Isn’t there?

🍂 The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold 🍁

The days grow shorter now, and soon we’ll hear old winter’s song…

Too long away from regular posting here.

Hope you are ready and waiting to catch whatever autumn we’re granted. It’ll be on us quickly now, in a flash. And then gone all too soon. May all the badness of this year go with it, and may we never see its like again.